Briquettes manufactured using saw dust are good alternative for coal, lignite, firewood and bring on more advantages.

Biomass briquettes have advantages over coal like
1. Easy handling, packing and transportation of briquettes can be made in any conventional length and diameter.
2. Low ash content( below 10%) in comparison to coal( 25 to 40%) resulting least boiler ash disposal problems.
3. Regular supply of briquettes do not suffer from transportation bottle necks as the plant can be set up near raw material source and selling areas.
4. There will be no corrosion effect on boiler equipments resulting in negligible maintenance cost. Coal on the other hand produces sulpher dioxide, which on mixing with moisture produces sulphuric acid an corrosive acid.
5. It has low ignition point, when compared to leco and coal
6. It gives sustained combustion and more efficient combustion then loose agro wastes
7. It is a clean fuel.
8. No gas and effluents like coal. So no health hazards.
9. Easy handling compared to loose husk and fire wood.
10.Low ash content. So less ash handling.